The Gagauzes of Ukraine. That are they?

Gagauzes can be A christian that is orthodox turkic-speaking, the descendants for the nomadic Oghuz tribes. The Ukrainian Gagauzes have already been compactly moving into the villages and metropolitan areas of Bessarabia (Budzhak). The Gagauz tradition, traditions, and food have actually changed considering that the use of Christianity. Nowadays the tradition of celebrating one of many major breaks for the Gagauz individuals, Hederlez or Saint George’s Day, is combining pagan, Muslim, and Christian elements.

Vynohradivka is just a town in Bessarabia, that was launched by the Gagauzes and Bulgarians into the very early century that is 19th. The town had been unofficially divided in to the Bulgarian while the asian mail order wife Gagauz components. The founders of Vynohradivka (the old title regarding the town ended up being Kurcu) originated in the villages Akbiri and Balchik in Bulgaria. Based on the legend now told by the locals, whenever Gagauzes and Bulgarians stumbled on this land, they first allow their lambs out to graze. They made a decision to subside where in fact the lambs discovered meals.

Nowadays the social folks of Vynohradivka earnestly help and develop the Gagauz tradition and discover their mom tongue. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine supports publication of textbooks for the children that are local discover the Gagauz language . Besides, the Regional Centre of Gagauz tradition and a museum had been created in Vynohradivka. Writer of the initial textbooks, along with director associated with Сultural Сentre, is Olga Kulaksyz.

The Gagauz calendar had an unusual feature: it roughly divided the year into two periods — summer and winter from the ancient times. Each began with one of the greatest Gagauz holiday breaks: Hederlez and Kas?m. This unit is related to sheep agriculture, which was the activity that is main of individuals for hundreds of years. Summertime started because of the Hederlez getaway whenever the herd owners made an understanding using the shepherds and handed the herds up to them for grazing. Whenever time arrived to come back the herds, it signified the start of winter months duration. These vacations are provided by many people Turkic individuals. Christmas got religious context later on, after Gagauzes adopted Christianity.

The Gagauz Hederlez

Hederlez * * Ay Yorgi — Saint George’s Day — could be the getaway associated with the world’s revival, the very first dew, the very first offspring. It really is the most honoured breaks for many Turkic peoples. The Christian that is orthodox gagauzes this vacation Saint George’s Day and honour it up to Easter. Some time ways of celebration somewhat vary when it comes to different peoples. Crimean Tatars, as an example, celebrate Hederlez on the initial Friday of might, while when it comes to Gagauzes it is regarding the 6th of might.

In Muslim tradition, this vacation is connected with a gathering of Islamic prophets Illia (Ilyas) and al-Khidr (Khedher) on the planet. Ilyas, that is thought to be the patron of water and cattle, originates from the western. Khedher, in change, originates from the East and it is the patron of humans. Names regarding the two prophets are combined into the true title of this getaway. The first day’s Hederlez party could be the time if they meet, that the Turkic people think become regarding the very very first week of May.

In Vynohradivka, Hederlez is celebrated regarding the 6th of might. About this day, they typically prepare kurban , the meat of the lamb that is sacrificed kurban bulguru (pirinci) , porr >kurban ekmiaia , bread. The term “kurban” itself means “sacrifice” .

A significant part of this visit to Vynohradivka is planning a dish called kurban bulguru . A complete carcass of a lamb has been donated towards the mind of this church that is local. Villagers genuinely believe that this brings welfare, comfort and wellness to families into the the following year.

Everybody in the town is invited for the celebration. Anyone can take part in company associated with the celebrations:

— who desires can add a sacrificed lamb. This type of contribution is known to carry a healthy body. If you find no lamb in a family group, it may because very well be purchased.

Villages with churches named after Saint George celebrate the Temple Day (a single day associated with the Village) about this time. The church in Vynohradivka is clearly known as after Saint George, therefore the tradition is well-kept.

Then this holiday is celebrated in family circle if newlyweds have chosen Saint George as the protector of their family, or head of the family’s name is George.

Party can be split into two phases: spiritual and entertaining. Each day, villagers visit church when it comes to holy solution, and after that they gather for getaway supper and festivities.

If Hederlez falls on a single of fasting times, like Friday, then meal will contain slim meals just. Fish soup, boiled and fried seafood, pickled herring are going to be offered in the place of meat.

Following the supper, it is time for celebrations. Within the previous, horse events, sport tournaments, and wrestling had been usually held. Now the structure changed just a little, as Olga Kulaksyz claims:

In Vynohradivka we now have no appropriate area to hold a horse battle, and even though we do have horses. We conduct sport games feasible to organise: checkers, chess, soccer, wrestling. Wrestling is extremely popular within our area. As well as the indispensable component is the concert.

Artists off their villages of Bessarabia and Gagauzia are invited to execute.

Saint George’s is also celebrated by the Bulgarians of Vynohradivka day. For the vacation, dozens of whom once left the village keep coming back house. Some event traditions because of this holiday are very different for Gagauzes and Bulgarians. Nonetheless, there are many more similarities.


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